Weekend Discussion (4/13-4/15)...

  • #1- 26 (8 in 2012, 8 in 2013, and 10 in 2014)

    #2- Georgia. It'd be hard to root for another team in the ACC and I know more about the SEC than any other conference besides the ACC. Not that convincing of a reason, but that would probably be the team I'd follow.

    #3- Bennettball. It seems like slowing a team down is more beneficial than constant pressure and running them ragged. Making every possession critical can wear on a team psychologically and although it pressures our team to take care of each possession, this system is probably the best shot at becoming a perennial basketball power.

    #4- Yes, big time. I'm a huge baseball fan and casually kept up with the baseball team during the final few womack years and then more so once Oak took over. Been to many ACC tournament games, including the 2 championships and Omaha in '09.

    #5- A lot of people have harped on this before but the intro/lead up to game time needs some adjusting. I think this area would improve dramatically with the removal of CavMan alone. When I first started going to games, I thought the CavMan videos were kinda funny but now I just loathe them. I, like many others, would love to see a team highlight video accompanied with the hard hitting music. Something like this would get the crowd going more and would be even more electric for a night game. The player intros aren't the worst in the world but aren't the best either. They seem long and drawn out with the drum line playing a cadence in the background. I feel like they could get more creative with that area.

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