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Weekend Discussion (4/13-4/15)...

  • (Trying to make this a weekly tradition or something. Or at least continue it as long as people like it.)

    #1 - How many total regular season wins will the football team have over the course of the next three years? Explain your math.

    #2 - If Virginia decided to go Ivy League and disband its athletic department, but you still had to be a fan of a FBS-level school, which school would you choose? Why? What do you think that decision says about you?

    #3 - Be honest! In your heart of hearts, would you rather see Virginia run the Bennettball system (slower pace, pack-line D, blocker/mover offense) or switch to a "40 Minutes of Hell" type of system with intense full-court pressure, running and gunning, and an emphasis on playing in transition?

    #4 - Do you care - REALLY CARE - about UVA baseball? When did you start really caring? If you don't care, what would it take to make you start?

    #5 - Last week, many people mentioned that they'd like to see an improved gameday experience in Scott Stadium. Using specifics, paint the picture of the "perfect" gameday experience in Scott Stadium.

  • Last weekend's was awesome. I look forward to reading the responses to this thread.

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  • 1- um...26...I guess that's pretty optimistic, but I think we'll continue the 8 win trend and probably win a couple bowl games.
    2- Probably Vandy. I've always liked the school, they've an overacheiving smart school team completely outmatched in the land of morons/cheaters.
    3- I gotta go with Bennettball. I don't think we could ever ever compete with a running system considering our recruiting vs UNC/Duke. Bennettball wont always be slow on offense in my opinion, I think so far it's been due to our lack of playmakers.
    4- Yeah pretty much. Definitely not as much as basketball/football/lacrosse, but I follow their games consistently, but only once they became decent. I definitely remember casually following them as a kid though, when they weren't very good.
    5- Stands are full.
    Crowd is wearing only orange and blue.
    Intro actually has energy
    Marching Band isn't wearing silly hats/capes and actually plays impressive music, not gimmicky pop with "guest" guitar players or whatever garbage they continually try. Or the pep band's back, either way.
    Promotions/games are more about energy and less (obviously) about advertisers.

  • 1-29, 8 2012, 9 2013, win 12 outa 14 in 2014
    2-I'd prob choose a team like Bama or USC so I would always be in a good mood on game day. lol
    3- I like Bennettball, I like defense in all sports. 49 to 47 bball game is where its at.
    4- I follow them and have only followed them since they became good, its the only baseball I will watch on TV.
    5- I agree with JPWahoo on his answer, please get rid of the extra stuff during the halftime show. Lets just see our band play some good music. Auburn fans were jealous of our band in Atlanta, so it must be good enough to do its own halftime show.

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  • 1) 22. I think 6 or 7 this year.

    2) I like Michigan. I think I could get behind Al Golden at Miami

    3) We tried to run 40 minutes of Hell under Gillen. It requires superior athletes, which we ar enever going to get across the board in the ACC. It simply could not work. So I will stick with whatever can win. Holland proved slower pace combined with good coaching can work, and Bennet is backing this up.

    4) No. not at all. Not one bit. Nothing - I really just do not like baseball. But I am very happy to see it gain taction among the fanbase - it makes these boards more interesting in the Spring to have something to talk about besides Spring Ball, even if I do not particiapte.

    5) Drop almost all the noise coming out of the jumbotron except the announcers. Drop CavMan. Re-introduce our fight song to the fan base and start having the band use it. Eliminate all of the contrived "traditions" (raising of the flag) and somehow encourage new ones to develop.

  • 1) 26 We are on the brink of our best seasons ever! 13 and 14 could both be 10 win seasons!

    2) Stanford! I respect what we have to go through. With that being said...I can root for anyone except VT.

    3) To me, it is all about the wins. I enjoy watching opposing offenses struggle as much as I love uptempo. How hilarious was it watching UNC flop around at JPJ. That was a national title contender? If that is the case...we are not far from being in the conversation.

    4) YES! Zimmerman years! If you are not into baseball, great...that is fine. If you sort of like baseball, you need to rally behind this team. This NCAA sport is growing and "this is where" people should thanks outlets like ESPN. ESPNU and Watch ESPN have assisted in NCAA baseball and LAX continue to gain market-share and popularity in all regions of the US.

    As for us...we are inexperienced at every position this year minus first base with King and wherever Werman lines up...but GD this team is giving the most experienced ACC ball clubs fits. We are most likely not going passed the supers this year, but they have exceeded 2012 expectations already and could very well continue to do so! Last night was a complete bummer!

    5) The wine and cheesers should still have their PRIME seats, but we should no longer cater to these folks. We appreciate their money, but times are changing and we are getting left behind. If we continue down this track, the snootiness and disconnect from mainstream America will continue. Below are a few headlines I would start with:

    I would create standing sections only and would cater to those who request to stand the entire game. The entire lower bowl "old Hooville" section should be students and band. NOISE in that end would be deafening and London could really have a huge advantage. Raise your hand if you are sick of the "sit down in front" speech! I want to be respectful to elders and the kids...but not the lazy! My kids love to bounce around too! Give us our own spot!

    I am torn as to what we should do with the hill, as I love it and I actually get on there a few times per year! It looks fantastic and it is part of the character of our stadium, but I might be inclined to bowl it in and make them reserved seats. Far too many visitors get great views and it is a breeding ground for fights! I would move the general visitor sections to the top 2 rows across the upper end zone bowl and upper corners near the hill. Visitors guests and families should get a little better treatment. We are way to gracious to our visitors!

    We all know about the issues with the sound system and what comes out of it is half the problem. I have heard enough crazy train. I am 33 and I keep up with popular music whether it be rap, rock or country. Dont play it safe for the old money, play the stuff kids much younger than me can be the edited version.

    We need an intro! I do not mind if it alternates, but it needs to be loud and hype!

    More amped up tailgating needs to be near the stadium. Party-zones, something, anything else! I cant help but laugh a little when I walk the parking lots as i get closer and hear Yanni playing with people wearing slacks. Awesome!

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    I must break you!

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  • My answers to my own questions...

    #1 - 7+8+7=22. I think we're about to settle into a nice rhythm of winning, but still with a ceiling lower than maybe we'd like. Sprinkle in two bowl wins in that three year span, also.

    #2 - Same as JPWahoo, it's probably Vanderbilt for me. Almost went there as an undergrad, southern school, love the academics, love NashVegas, love the feeling of being the underdog. I also like Tulane for many of the same reasons. Temple might also be in the running. And honestly... maybe Wake Forest, and maybe Florida State (if I felt like I wanted a "contender.")

    #3 - Assuming the same level of success, I'd take the 40 Minutes of Hell. It's a no-brainer, actually. Just a much more fun, exciting brand of basketball. The full court press is what I like the most. But things don't operate in a vacuum, and I think Bennettball is the best recipe for Virginia's success right now. I can see the beauty in this system, and it's growing on me rapidly. I do think it's important that we fans be honest with ourselves, though. Bennettball will scare away elite recruits. So while it allows us to compete with more talented teams, it also keeps us in a bit of a talent deficit. Our best teams under Tony Bennett will be when our best players are upperclassmen. Wisconsin is the model we're trying to achieve with this approach, right?

    #4 - Yes, I really, really care. For me, it started in 2004, Brian O'Connor's first season at UVA. I got one of those ten-game ticket packs with a bunch of my friends, and it was a blast. Back then, you could walk right in at first pitch and choose a cherry seat along the 3rd base line. Been following the program very closely ever since. Football and basketball are king, but baseball is a high prince for me now.

    #5 - I'll answer this one later...

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  • #1 - 24- 7 in 2012, 9 in 2013, 8 in 2014.

    #2 - Wake Forest. I live about 1 hour from Winston-Salem, so the games would be easy to catch.

    #3 - I don't care what kind of offense we run, as long as it results in WINNING.

    #4 - I love baseball period. I've been a life long Baltimore Orioles fan, and I could have easily said hell with baseball a long time ago considering their terrible output over the past 15 years. I've been attending UVa baseball games since Womack's last season.

    #5 - I don't know what the 'perfect' gameday experience would be, but it would be a hell of a lot better than what we are currently putting out there. It wouldn't take much.

  • 1. 24 wins 2012 - 7 2013 - 9 2014 -8
    2. i would go with the Georgia Bulldogs...
    3. i don't really care as long as we are winning.
    4. only in the college world series...
    5. i don't know... never been to scott stadium for a game.

  • Come on guys we want and will be winning 10plus games a year, not 7 or 8. Thats lame, this is the new BCS team of the ACC not just a average middle tier team.

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  • You are the man; this is absolutely how it should be!

  • 1. 24-26, until I see different out ceiling is 9 wins.

    2. Probably south carolina. I love spurrier and watching the program grow has been fun. Big fan of Hoke at michigan tho and love their unis. Gamecocks unis are gross.

    3. Bennetball

    4. Big fan of baseball since zimm. Plus I live in a big college baseball state with usc, clemson, coastal and wofford all being decent every yr. Keeps me interested.

    5. We need our own traditions on gameday. Other than the good old song we always seem to be copying everybody else. The crowd doesn't seem to understand how and when to cheer. Sorry but our band is awful.

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  • #1. 26 wins - 7 this year, 9 next, 10 the next

    #2. Georgia or FSU - my wife's family is from Tallahassee and even though they hold five degrees from UVA are diehard Noles. Georgia has been my SEC rooting interest for a while and if I decided I couldn't root for another ACC team, I'd probably adopt them.

    #3 Bennett Ball for sure. I don't think that UVA can recruit the types of athletes to be successful over the course of a season against UNC/Duke/etc. playing a 40 minutes of hell type of game. It works for teams like VCU in the NCAAT because they don't have to play superior athletic teams all year.

    #4. Yes I really care about UVA baseball. Baseball was the only varsity sport that I played in high school, and while I've been a UVA fan since I was about 8, I really started following UVA baseball my senior year in high school after I had been accepted (2004).

    #5. I really enjoy the gameday experience in Scott. I think that they've done a lot to make it more convenient for the fans (including accepting credit cards at the concession stands). I think that the marching band probably ought to be moved down into the corner so that their sound projects more across the stadium. It seems that I can always hear the opposition's band more clearly than our own and I don't like that. Short of selling beer at the stadium, I don't really think that there's a whole lot left to improve on teh game day experience.

  • YEAH!!! and let's burn coaches in the streets also. Come on guys, money gets the best seats, best parking, etc. at every school. The mob rules mentality might work in North Korea for a few minutes.

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  • I hope no schools burn their coaches in the street..And I realize that money gets the good seats, but why not have a standing-only section in the upper sections?

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  • My post says that the big money donors can keep their prIme seats. Then it simply states there should be standing sections only, which makes a ton of sense rather than mixing the hand-sitter with the standers. If you find that to be mob do you get through a day in this present world?

    I have sat in 129 and 130 since I was 5 years old and that corner of the stadium would be perfect to create this atmosphere.

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    I must break you!

  • gotta give credits to the students, they've been standing more and more. i shall call it the Mike London effect

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    Welcome to the REVOLUTION

  • Do any football stadiums have standing only sections? That is not a rhetorical question. I think that stadium planners have determined that standing only sections are extremely unsafe. I know they were partly blamed for the Hillsborough Soccer Trajedy and for fan misbehavior here in the UK. They have been outlawed here because of that.

  • Ooo, good stuff.

    1. I'm not putting any deep thought into this, but I'm going with 25. I'm very, very bullish on London's program right now. Could go 7 wins, 9 wins, 9 wins, could go 8 wins, 8 wins, 9 wins, whatever. But I'm feeling very good about returning to consistent 7-9 win seasons under this staff.

    2. I'd still be a hardcore UVA fan, for what it's worth. I'd still go to every UVA vs. Brown game and still wear gawdy orange garb. But since I already have other programs that I actively root for, I'm sure that I'd focus on them a bit more. Navy is the primary one, and I also like the "smart schools" in other conferences -- Stanford, Vanderbilt, and Northwestern. So I'd root for them.

    3. Truth be told, I'd go with Bennettball. Watching the Final Four was actually painful for me, because everything just seemed so sloppy and disorganized. Bennett has spoiled me.

    4. I absolutely do. The extent to which I can care about any UVA team is directly related to how often that team is on TV. For example, I follow the men's tennis team very closely. However, since they are NEVER on TV I don't exactly rearrange my weekend schedule around the matches. So I started to really care about UVA baseball back in the 2009 CWS season when we actually were on TV a bit. Since that time I have hardly ever missed a televised game and I've driven down to C'ville for a few.

    5. I'm part of the minority that actually likes most of our gameday experience. I just want a stadium packed with loud, passionate fans. That's the only thing I'd change. I love the songs, love the marching band, love the Wahoo Walk, and I even still like the Adventures of Cavman. I would like to see more emphasis on "Hoos in the NFL", but that is a complaint I have about the management of the program as a whole. (Don't get me started on the spring game.)

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  • There's a difference between "standing room only" sections and "standing sections." You're referencing the former, where they just keep selling tickets until nobody can breathe. (That's essentially what our student section is now.) I think TheHoo's plan would still involve assigned seats and a finite number of tickets, just with the understanding that folks will stand up. Personally I think it's a fantastic idea.

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