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Jamie, Question about Hoops Big Man recruiting...

  • I've been looking through the rankings at potential options for bigs in 2014 and frankly there's not much there at the moment. I'm not worried about that so much because it's still early in the process and prospects (especially bigger ones) can tend to come onto the scene in the later stages. Now, I assume we'll take a big from that class in some form. I also believe, as you have mentioned before, that we'll look for one in the transfer market during the offseason. I was looking for potential candidates and found that Malcolm Gilbert, a former UVA target, had decided to transfer from Pitt to Fairfield so that he could play with his brother. This got me thinking...Do you think our staff has ever wondered about the possibility of Brandon Stith, if he has a huge first year down at ECU, playing his way back onto the board? From what I've heard about Brandon from various scouts, he seems to be one of the biggest sleepers in the 2013 class. That said, I completely understand (and agree with) why we didn't offer him. But if UVA seems him ball on the NCAA level (especially if they see some of the necessary changes), do you think they might try and bring him on board? This is obviously different from what I started talking about, as he'd be a transfer at the very earliest after next season, and who knows, we might add a couple more guys and there may be no more room, but I thought I'd at least ask. Because it's essentially wild speculation, I don't assume you to have heard anything on the topic, but I'd still be interested to get your opinion on it.

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