Info on What Bama is Doing w/ New Recruiting Regs-Bldng an Army

  • From a Texas board

    "In the wake of the recent NCAA rules changes that allow for programs to hire recruiting coordinators and support staff that is separate from the actual coaching staff, all of whom are eligible to participate in recruiting in almost every aspect (outside of off-campus visits), the simple truth as of this very moment is this ?

    The SEC is ready for battle. All one needs to do is take a look at the support staffs that are being built across the board in the country's most dominant football conference. An inspection of staff directories will show that Florida has 24 football-specific employees and Georgia is up to 22. And growing.

    However, if you want to know who is leading the front on this new era of all-out warfare in college football, look no further than the current Emperor of the Dark Side ? Nick Saban.

    In talking with one source about the subject this weekend, I was told, "Alabama is building an army." He wasn't kidding.

    While the Gators and Bulldogs each have directors of player personnel, Saban has hired four people specifically for that department alone. He also has added seven "football analysts," an "athletics relations coordinator" and a "recruiting operations coordinator".

    All told, Emperor Saban has built a staff that consists of 28 soldiers for football only duty. All of them can be involved in recruiting at all times.

    So, what about the Longhorns? Well, with all of that excess money ? somehow ? someway ? the Longhorns forgot to staff up the Death Star and they might just be ill-prepared for the attack Emperor Saban and the rest of the Dark Side ? errrr ? the SEC will be bringing them.

    One look at the Texas staff directory shows that the Longhorns have nine people inside of their football department besides the on-field coaching staff and grad assistants, and six of the nine (I'm including Bill Little) are administrative assistants (i.e ... personal secretaries/assistants).

    Arthur Johnson is the Associate AD of Football Operations, Marcus Tubbs is the Director of Football Operations and Ken Rucker is the Director of High School Relations and Player Development. Those are three guys outside of the football staff that Mack Brown currently has in place as the true battles begin in the 2014 recruiting wars. Everyone else is an administrative assistant or an administrative executive or a Special Assistant to Head Coach for Communications,

    There are no player-personnel people. There are no football analysts. There is no separate recruiting coordinator outside Bruce Chambers.

    And just because in painting a picture of what's going on around Austin, I need to give you guys as much information as possible, do you want to take a guess as to how many of Saban's army of 28 are administrative assistants? The answer is two. Yes, Saban has twice as many members on his newly minted player personnel staff as he does secretaries for the entire department."
    As he titled his book-"How Good Do You Want to Be?

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