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Harris Withdraws From USA Basketball World University Games ...

  • Im sitting in the Barclay center waiting for tonite boxing match and said im bored let me look at the sabre. I could not believe my eyes. Posters that get on me for questioning our staff and saying they know way more than me. And im negative and im wrong tu suggest uva training staff need tu make changes are on the sabre doing the same thing they critcize me for doing.HMMMM. Stuff like i thought uva had smart people. There have tu be something going wrong with all these foot injuries. Seem like i heard me say that year aftet year.This is why i stay true tu myself. People on this board are so hypercritical and fake. This just make me speak what i believe even more. Cus my words come ftom the heart. No hidden agendas. No trying tu please the majority. No saying stuff cus it get me upvotes. No trying tu be popular. Just strait being real.

  • Tu, there is a big difference between younger kids and 21 year old men involved in big boy training. The great Jim Brown, one of the greatest athletes ever was one of the first to draw the connection between overtraining and injuries. Now I do agree with your premise some but I think there is a distinct possibility overtraining is a part of the problem with these stress reactions. There is also a distinct possibility the practice floor contributes, one way or another there is a common thread and I hope someone finds it. We are looking strong if we can have a full squad.

  • Let's remember Jerry was married to Gayle (Christie Brinkley) for 28 years ...I am with mikey on competition could wear down Joe. Praying this gives him rest and he can get ready to be part of a special year for the Hoos...

    BTW +1 for the Parks and Rec shout out clap

  • Even tho what you said about over training and practice floors made me think be careful. People dont like negative talk about their uva sports program. Dont you know Pierce Bennett and Curtis forgot more basketball than you know. Bennett is a coach of the year how dare you suggest something negative. So just be careful. You can say it on the sabre but not on here. But great insight young man. The only thing i say is dont the women practice on that floor also. Is it a problem for them if so you might have something but i dont think so. Thanks Pierce

  • I think it's more the players than the coaches, and possibly the floor if just laid on concrete. I think that it's like a fighter can overtrain, the goal is to be in peak performance at time seasonally. No doubt kids can run all day every day and recover quickly but as age and mileage increases so does recovery. Certainly it's all individually based but the amount of stress foot and the fact that womens team has somewhat same issues it makes me think there is a correctable problem. I also see where kids come in with issues that are beyond control, the ones that make me wonder are Mike, Jontel and Joe going into their last season, Atkins to s degree too but shin splints are probably from before like Malcolms issue. I think this is our year to make noise but as a 30+ year fan and reluctant to call curse, I just got to wonder what next.