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Cavs CONFIDENTIAL is back and loaded with inside football information that can not be found elsewhere. What's the inside scoop as UVa kicks off its summer camp season?

Taquan Mizzell

Rumors have been flying of late about where Virginia stands with in-state players, Bayside four-star running back Taquan Mizzell and Liberty four-star defensive end Wyatt Teller.

We'll address those rumors as well as have the latest on four-star defensive tackle Donta Wilkins, three-star wide receiver DaeSean Hamilton, four-star linebacker Peter Kalambayi and more.

Virginia will host key targets on Friday and Saturday. We'll talk about both of those visitors, as well as touch on the group of campers that are coming in on Sunday.

Normally, prospect camps aren't heavily attended by more than a couple of highly-rated prospects. Wait until to you see the talent that is coming to Virginia on Sunday.

What's the scoop?

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Cavs CONFIDENTIAL: 06.08.12

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